Winbull Trade – Case Study

» A leading commodities trader in Ahmedabad who was using our basic version Winbull Lite previously and they are again dealing with the gold and silver bullions.

» After certain times they felt to provide more sophisticated service to their clients / bullion dealers through technology, so we have created the Trade Version

» The business was being done by use of manned phones the customer will call for the booking and after verifying the rates from the web or the mobile apps, in this case the dealer has to keep watching the rates in web or mobile apps till they get a quote for their desire rates to buy or sell. But in this case they might miss the quotes when they are interested to buy or sell the commodity over phone due to high volatility.

» Logimax understand the situation and offered the client solution a trade version of their WinBull platform the WinBull Trade as a solution of publishing their bullion rates live online on the web and on mobile phones so their customers can view book their orders online.

» WinBull trade also provided the ability to maintain the margins to their bullion dealers based on the trade relationship and traders / dealers of our customer can mark up the limit orders for gold or silver buy or sell.

» When the marked prices crosses the system automatically generates the order and informs through the notification to our clients trade desk and the dealer the limit order executed status as SMS / Email / Mobile apps push notification. Further also generated the Performa invoice and send to the dealer with the value date details.

» We added the ability for the client to publish special offers, notifications and important announcements to their website viewers and mobile apps through admin control panel.

» The solution though increased the amount of orders. Productivity in Business increased.

» Gained more customer satisfaction.

» New visitor’s inflow of their website drastically increased across the world which makes possible to trade with new clients.

» Our solution brands customer business in the competitive business scenario.