Our History

The company traces its origins back to 2000 began working loosely together in the following years on various be-spoke development projects and supporting a small and medium sized jewellery merchants with their IT and provided the back end support and slowly gained entry into physical commodity transactions (precious metals Gold, Silver, Platinum).

The research driven approach and history of innovation has enabled us to foster strong relationships across all client segments and had accolades from customers, who in turn referred them to clientele for their business growth.

The client base increased mostly through word of mouth and references to new customers from existing customers.

We entered international scene to provide services in bullion platform in late 2012 through references provided by some of our valued domestic customers.

We are still serving our first international customer and they in turn have referred us to more customers in their market and we are slowly expanding our international presence in a slow and steady manner.

These are the core values that have served the company since its inception and continue to serve as the guiding principles today