WinBull Professional

WinBull Professional is an end-to-end Risk Management System and Trading platform provides trading both on bullion scripts and physical bullion. Professional helps the client from beginning of Deal booking to deal execution, and squaring off or knocking off to closure.

The application tracks and helps the customer manage his risks by calling out Market to Market margin alerts thereby the customer can take the requisite action necessary to minimize or mitigate the risk.

Logimax’s unique R-Panel is designed to enable the detailed analysis of rate calculations inclusive of the margins and comparisons of both future and international markets in a single window.

Features :-

MarkThe application is highly customizable and provides customization for various parameters while booking the deal like margins, premiums, bank charges, penalties.

MarkAllows classification of customer by various group based on their relationship with the client.

MarkAllows interlopers i.e. (a same client can either be a customer/supplier based on the deal).

MarkApplication supports multiple branches and concurrent users. Access to the screens and functionalities is limited based on the roles of the user within the organization.

MarkIt is a centralized booking system, and supports various types of trading deals (MCX, Bank Security, Loan/Deferred, Credit Sale/Purchase).

MarkAnd it handles various trading types (Spot, Intraday, Currency Fix, AM/PM Fix, GTC, NYC).

MarkThe Deal booking can be customized both in terms of split and partial deliveries. There by providing the client to invoice the deals separately based on location and the quantity as the tax and regulations varies from location to location.

MarkThe application also handles buy back options or cancellation of orders.

MarkThe application allows hedging on various bullion platforms including USD. It has the ability to square-off against hedging and physical bullion to generate profit and loss report.