Win CRM – Case Study

» Our client is one among the leading retail jewellery retail brand based out from Chennai, South India. They are dealing with various customer and vendors throughout India with different type of jewellery ornaments like gold jewellery, platimum jewellery, diamond jewellery and silver articles.

» They were using manual systems to manage the Jewellery Purchase Plans / Monthly Gold Purchase Plans , that the customers can save their earnings as gold, thoguh every indian are know gold is a safest hevan for investment.So some of their customers felt difficult to visit their shop periodically and make the payments alternatively they started sending their monthly due amount through net banking via NEFT/RTGS and share the receipt details in mail or images through mobile chat and communicate through phone regarding the payment.

» Over a period of time they were unable to manage the customers and their respective accounting and schemes. As an alternative the client had tried their hand in website based payment which had an accounting related issue as it doesn’t include the customer informations and the corresponding scheme he/she is associated with.

» Logimax arrived a solutions and proposed to the client a web app and mobile app based highly secured software.

» Logimax came up with a product for Jewellery Purchase Plans manangment software for retail jewellery traders named as Win CRM, it is an web and mobile app based application with exclusive web and mobile app dashboards for all the their user types, Admin / Customers . In with the customer can enroll their scheme through the web or mobile app either by selecting from the set of scheme on their own and update with necessary information.

» They can also select, include and pay for their entire family and friends. All the online chit payment made by the customers can be tracked by the customers and the admin. Admin can easily manage the Jewellery Purchase Plans created by the customers and they can process the chit and update the status then and there.

» All necessary alerts like payment due, new scheme, new offer and daily rate alert were pushed to their apps then and there automatically by the system through Android and IOS push notifications for the specific customer or scheme related to their Jewellery Purchase Plan account respectively.

» This solution enables the jewllery retailer to engage their customer on day to day basis and ensure that the rapport is built in beneficially to retain them against the growing competition.

» The retail Jeweller our customer feeling very easy now to manage their customer Purchase Plans .

» Their customers enroll and view the payment on their exclusive dashboards and they feel very convenient and given more flexibility.

» The Jewellery retailer get their monthly fixed accrual for their investment on variety of inventory of stock processing.

» This help to target the mid and higher income group of the social strata.

» The jewellery retailer were able to bring in more predictability of the capital inflow.

» The Jewellery retailer were able to attract more High Network Individual.

» The Jewellery retailer get very good capital investment from the public on a regular basic to improve on the quality and quantity of variety of ornaments on display.

» This create a good communication platform to retain, engage and appreciate the loyal customer of with more specialised schemes and discounts.

» This ensure the physical investment on the scheme gift and vouchers are reduced and channelized in a better manner.

» This install confident and trust among their customer to venture into the E-com in the future.

» This provides a channel to showcase the jewellery in stock to their customer through E-Catlog.

» This helps the jewellery retailer to channelize the investment on new stores.

» Totally customers and jewellery retailer are very happy with improved satisfaction to do the business through Win CRM apps.

» This can manage multi location or branch across the globe.

» This solution provided multi currency management capability for the business.

» This application is suitable to use by any Jewellery Purchase Plan based financial or commodity related industry.