Winbull Pro – Case Study

» Our clients are the leading Bullion traders and they have many branches over the country, their purchase/sales volume reaches few tones per day. They sell/buy based on international dollar fixing, bank rate fixing or MCX rate fixing. When they do business based on these platforms so many factors involve in trading like Margin, Trading types, Purity, Currency exchange, Premium, Custom duty, Handling charges, value date and extensions, fix and unfix etc. It is difficult task to manage these factors according to the type of rate fixing for each deal. And since gold rate is volatile the main task of the operation team would be monitoring Market to Market position of each traders who bought/sold metal from them.

» Our corporate clients buy/sell gold and silver by loan using security deposits or some other guaranties for this practice they have to manage several factors respective of their transaction, it is also a complex task for the operation team and accounts department.

» Key task of a bullion trader is Hedging, it is a platform to run their business risk free. In order to hedge the deals the operation head should be aware of market situation for every minute and to take decisions to knock off the buy/sell quantities, it is most critical segment of bullion trading. Accounting the transaction is also a complex task since many variable charges applicable based on trade type. Value of the stock leads critical to manage inventory if they are wholesaler or retailer and when operate multiple branches the inventory management is a not an easy task for bullion trader.

» Our team has long time relationship with stack holders of bullion industry which helps to understand the complexity thus results the 100% web based back office solution. Our solution is compatible to handle various types of rate fixing deals and simplifies the entire operation of bullion trader.

» Winbull Pro - booking module enables margin management feature which helps to handle customer/supplier account position and it allows to register an order when a customer/supplier having sufficient margin balance. Booking module supports various booking types and the single window buy and sell screen used for arriving the cost with all applicable charges for a deal and let the user to know the profit of that deal. The deal split concept allows the user to split and relocate the order into other branches of their concern whenever necessary. Hedging module helps to arrive P & L by knocking off physical and hedging deal and it facilitates rupee hedging as well as dollar hedging.

» Payment module support various type of payment and it clearly indicates the status of payment for a deal. Automated Cash bill feature generates invoices for cash deals within few minutes for unlimited customers. Delivery module helps to tackle the problem arises when deviation occurs between ordered quantity and delivered quantity, this is very usual scenario in gold industry.

» Our accounts module helps to track the customer supplier ledger and let the user know the current status of the customer/supplier. Our solution is very useful to handle multiple branch data with a same solution and the inventory control makes hassle free business. Various kinds of reports let the user to generate records in different forms using filters. Core technology of Winbull Pro compatible with integrate into third party solution like Tally or any other ERP solutions, it makes you to handle your bullion operations as well as entire accounting.

» Compatible to handle multiple branch date within a solution thus it makes possible to manage entire operation, accounts and inventory from single desk

» Accurate margin management helps to deal with right customer/supplier and it tends to avoid losses. MTM status alerts the user to knock of the position if a customer is not having sufficient margin

» Support various type of rate fixing in dollar or rupee and make easy to calculate applicable charges for a deal with respect to the fixing type. Single window buy and sell screen calculates all applicable charges based on trade type. It reduces resources and simplifies the trading desk operations

» Inventory system makes simple the business operation through various kinds of reports and let the user to generate numerous reports as desired. It helps to run their business risk free

» This system guides the user to knock off the deals for hedging, it assures profit

» Simplifies business operations by easy tracking of records and used to manage parties ledger, it reduces work load of accounts department

» Our solution controls entire operation of bullion back office and let the businessmen to monitor daily activity from remote place

» Simplifies trading desk, operation and accounts team activities thus reduces resources which is cost effective